In Theory Design



art direction, Web

Cakewalk's website was reorganized and redesigned from the ground up, including the development of comprehensive style guidelines covering all of their products, hundreds of pages of content in over 5 languages, and a custom content management system.



Leon Speakers

art direction, Web, print

Taking cues from iconic brands like Louis Vuitton and contemporary brands like Shinola, the goal of the updated Leon website was to reposition the brand as more than just a speaker company—as a design-centric brand that could appeal to a wider audience of interior designers, architects, and casual consumers.




Branding, Print, Web Design

As Neoscape broadened their scope of services, they needed to update their brand to reflect their new capabilities. A comprehensive brand style guide was developed, including everything from a new logo and letterhead suite, to a redesign of their existing website.


It all started when…

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Brand IDENtity

Roadtrippers is a simple and intuitive road trip planner available on the iTunes app store. To capture the idea of criss-crossing through America on the road, the logotype pairs a vintage display font with rich textural components to create a timeless identity that honors the long standing tradition.


Next Project



Salon M

Branding, Print

Drawing inspiration from elements of art deco and gothic
architecture, the new branding initiative helped redefine this high end salon as timeless and sophisticated, while retaining a strong sense of approachability for their rapidly growing customer base.




Leon Loft

Branding, Print, Environmental

The brand identity for the Leon Loft was inspired by the aesthetic of the performance space itself—one part contemporary French café, one part museum of cultural artifacts from the 1920s and 1930s.



Album Artwork

Print, Packaging

I got my start putting together flyers and mix tape covers for bands that I either played in, or friends’ bands that needed some help. And after all these years, I still love working with artists from all walks of music—it always reminds me why I love design so much in the first place.